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Netting System

Astino brings to you the modern Netting System

Your Problem

Mosquitoes, flies, bugs and other flying pests invading your homes.

Give you a healthier environment for our children. The Astino insect screen is a fool proof device to prevent insects from intruding houses and other buildings. The screen is of a high grade material unaffected by weather, UV exposure, and discoloration. Our warranty is our complete assurance of quality and durability. Our agents will provides a demonstration and issue an obligation-free quotation upon request.

Our Solution

An ingenious contraption, which comes in a variety of colours, that effectively keeps insects out of your house.


  • The safe screens quality in every detail.
  • THE MOSQUITO BLIND: An elegant and efficient way to protect yourself against insects.
  • Given the particular characteristic of its use and position, the mosquito screen deserves a separate mention.
  • Astino Screens can be made into any size or required.

ASTINO insect screens will :

  • Keep all insects out of the house.
  • Put an end to mosquito bites and insect stings.
  • Cease further use of toxic bug sprays and insecticides.
  • Ensure a healthier and more hygienic environment. 

Colours Available