Astino Berhad

The Symbol of Quality

Plastic Poultry Slat

  1. An excellent design together with self clean surface and protection to the birds of breeder and broiler.
  2. The special opening area construction gives the birds with the clean, comfortable and safe environment.
  3. A firm and rigid design of slat support provides the plastic poultry slat with a durability and hygiene in the poultry house.
  4. The special 4 pieces design make the assembly & removal easy and quick.

The Advantages of Astino Plastic Poultry Slat

  • Corrosive free, keep the slat clean from bacterial growing
  • Durability and hygiene
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Non-slip surface provides safe environment to birds
  • Friendly opening design protects the legs of birds
  • No sharp edges danger to birds
  • Strong and rigid design for heavy weight
  • 5 models of plastic poultry slat available

  • Oval Shape Opening : 60cm x 90cm
  • Oval Shape Opening : 60cm x 100cm
  • Square Shape Opening : 60cm x 100cm
  • Square Shape Opening : 50cm x 100cm
  • Square Shape Opening : 50cm x 120cm