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Astino Agro-House Multi System

ASTINO AGRO–HOUSE MULTI SYSTEM (AHMS) is an advanced economical and environmental friendly solution to the construction of various types of poultry house in the modern poultry industry. This state of the art system is designed and manufactured by our experience professional personnel with strong emphasis on high product quality and reliability, cost effectiveness, easy maintenance and safe sanitary conditions.

AHMS is best suited for poultry production such as pulet house, broiler house, breeder house and layer house. With the increasing competition faced by growers, it is essential to increase the utilization of other systems such as ventilation and temperature control system, feeding and watering system as well as lower the mortality rate to generate a higher return on investment.

AHMS steel structure is designed using CAD-software to construct clear span light gauge steel structure system to eliminate the need for interior column support for a wider poultry house. In addition, the steel frame is designed to withstand the weight load of other systems such as watering and feeding systems.

Light weight steel frame is a good alternative to timber and mild steel frame. With the combination of high tensile strength and light weight it offers excellent clear span capability and allows building owner to design large clear span space.

The steel frame is fabricated off-site using cold roll-forming process made in accordance to the designed specification, and thus minimizing wastage and eliminating unnecessary cutting and welding at site. The on-site work mainly focus on assembling only.

Hollow Purlin

AHMS Hollow Purlins are produced using high tensile hot-dipped galvanized steel (ASTM A446) with minimum yield strength of 450mpa. The material features a minimum zinc coating weight of 350g/m2, ensuring long lasting corrosion resistance with minimum maintenance.


AHMS Z-Purlin is produced using high tensile hot-dipped galvanized steel (ASTM A446) with minimum yield strength of 450mpa. The material features a minimum zinc coating weight of 300g/m2 ensuring long lasting corrosion resistance.

Astino Superior RIB PU Metal

Superior Rib Pu Metal is a revolutionary way of roofing, wall cladding or known as wall panel with outstanding thermal efficiency. It is factory manufactured by Polyurethane (PU) foam between exterior and interior skin of profiled metal roofing sheets.

These insulated metal roofing panels provides excellent heat resistance, good sound absorption, mechanical and dimensional stability of roof assembly. This roofing system ensures your building cool all day long with great saving on electricity and thus is widely used in factories, poultry farms, warehouse, shopping complexes, etc.

The PU foam is laminated by two layers of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets (PPG) on its top and bottom surface. Astino PPG gives duplex protection which using 2 coat paint system. The Primer coat and the Topcoat, Primer coat enhance corrosion resistance, while the Top coat provides colour pleasing appearance and a barrier film to ensure long term durability. The polyester paint cured its surface with desirable gloss and hardness which displays superior weather resistance and durability.

Astino PPG is baked to meet JIS G 3312 – 1994.

  1. Galvanised frame
  2. Suitable to any production type
  3. Long term benefit
  4. High strength under extreme condition
Technical Support
Using the latest technology, Astino offers an unrivalled design and support package. Each project is individually designed and tailored to provide a cost effective solutions that meet performance requirements of the clients. Detailed layout design and assembly drawings will facilitate quick installations with ease.